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A new year. What is everyone up to?

The last couple of years have been interesting for sure. I would love to hear from everyone how business has been and how you have been coping with it all, and I would love to hear what you have been working on and your plans for 2022! We could all use some exciting and fun stories in our life right now.

After the Rust shooting incident that killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, I became angry at the business; it took me back to when Sarah Jones got killed on Midnight Rider. Both deaths could have been prevented, and it is just so sad.

I didn’t work on Rust, and I didn’t know Halyna, but we are all family in this industry, and this hit us all hard. I have worked with a couple of people that worked on Rust, and it is just a heartbreaking story all around. After this incident, It didn’t feel right to post krewbook stories, and frankly, I was very sad. I talked to many of my friends in the industry, and everyone felt the same I did. Sad, lost, angry, and just heartbroken for Halyna and her family.

I love my industry family, and I know I need to get back to creating, and we could all use the work, so let’s come together and support each other. Let’s share what we worked on the last year or what we are working on now.

Please use the link below and send us your story. You can write about anything.


Thank you, my Krewbook Family! and Happy New Year!

Hugs and Love,