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Sunflower photo by Ranock Saing

Capturing Nature’s Beautiful Creations Frame by Frame

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Oftentimes we look in the mirror and struggle to accept who we truly are. Our bodies full of scars and flaws. Giving ourselves the worst labels and names. Then we hide a part of ourselves in the closet far away from the world. And only regard others as perfect even though in reality, no human is. We’re beautiful creations, yet it’s so hard to accept ourselves as we are.

That brings me to art.

I create art in my own form that evokes a certain type of emotions to me especially in photography. It allows me to express myself unfiltered and unrestricted. It reminds me to love myself while loving someone else. Because I’ve not made money from this, I’ve felt I was investing in pure fiction.

When others left me, I felt like I went into the abyss. Those times I wish I could display those raw emotions to the world. To everyone we’re just humans. We pain. We cry. It’s all okay at the end of the day.

Eagle photo by Ranock Saing

Photography allows me to make my surroundings more beautiful. Fill it with color like a rainbow even in the darkest times. My photos are mine. No one can take that away from me. What in inspires me the most in photos is nature. I want to preserve our earth as much as possible. I see massive destruction and it angers me.

Nature is a beautiful temptress , and a cruel mistress at the same time. You can never predict what nature will give you. I love the texture of the trees, the colors of the fleeing birds, the irises of eagles, or the flower blooms. Sometimes I miss the perfect moment to capture.

My dream places to photograph would be the safaris in Africa, the blue hues of the water in Canada, mountainous terrain in Patagonia, Argentina, the wild animals in Antarctica, and Indonesia.

Hummingbird photo by Ranock Saing

Some photos have taken a few minutes or hours to capture in all different terrains. I like to capture my reality before it ceases to exist. They all required me to step out of my comfort zone and allows me to grow. I am always grateful for each moment.