Linda Andersson

Krewbook Founder

Los Angeles, CA


Hi! I should create my own profile here on Krewbook, as many of you are messaging me and asking about Krewbook and who I am.

Most of you know me from ‘Leave it to Linda Catering,’ my catering company for over 20 years, and from Fortyone Fortyone, the restaurant I owned on Lankershim Blvd just down the street from Universal Studios.

A few weeks ago, I wrote this and posted it here on Krewbook. It tells you how Krewbook got started.

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Linda Andersson


It’s been a month since we launched Krewbook, and all of you have been so kind and sent me so many nice messages about how much you like Krewbook. Thank you so much to all of you that have signed up so far. I really appreciate it. We are just getting started and have so much planned for Krewbook.

As you know, We have created Krewbook to connect businesses with creative professionals in a smaller, more intimate community. Krewbook is a place for you to broadcast your creative work and connect with people who share a common interest or passion.

We connect job seekers and employers in the entertainment industry. Krewbook uses word-of-mouth to connect people to their next great opportunity. Our members have extensive experience in film, media, art, music, and technology. Krewbook is a great way to promote yourself or your business.

Our job section is very bleak now; I know many of you have emailed me and asked if you can post a job that is not yours, but you heard about it from a friend. The answer is yes; as long as you have created a profile and have all the necessary info about the job, you can post it on Krewbook. I am sure when we get more members, we will start seeing more available jobs.

I have lived in NY, NJ, LA, and Nashville. Right now, I am in Ventura, CA.

When I am not working on Krewbook with my co-founder Ranock Saing, I write. I love writing. I am in the process of creating a TV Show and writing a book. Dogs are also a big part of me. I love dogs. Here is my Rescue Page: Dogs Matter Rescue

Right now, I only have Ruby, a little senior poodle. She is my world.

You can catch up with me here on Krewbook or Instagram.

I am always up for talking shop, hiking, meeting up for coffee, and dinner, and just people-watch!

Hugs and Love



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