Michael B Davis


Los Angeles, Atlanta, Raleigh , New York


Michael  Davis  founded  Uptone  Pictures in 2000,  a  dynamic  full-service

production  and  post-production  company,  with  the  vision  to

assist  producers  in  developing,  producing,  and  distributing  the

highest quality product possible.  Since  its  foundation,  Davis  has

produced several films  under  the  Uptone  label,  including

Box  Cutter,  A  Long  Way  Off,  Destiny  Road,  Don’t  Pass  Me

By,  Nobodies, Union  Bound, and Paul’s Promise.

Michael has also worked as a producer on many other films  including

The  Scent of  Rain  &  Lightning,  The Clearing, and most recently,  Little Angels.

His, company Uptone Pictures also produces several television shows weekly,

among them the award-winning lifestyle show:  Loving  Life with  Dr. Tim Weir.

In 2017, Michael became a member of the Producers Guild of America and is an active member.

Michael is a  native of  Sao  Paulo,  Brazil,  and speaks  3  languages fluently.  His leadership,  creative

insight,  visionary abilities,  and global network of connections and strategic partners are the foundation of

his entertainment industry’s success.