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Samantha Kuester Costume Designer

Samantha Kuester, Costume Designer in Hollywood! Her latest project, Apache Junction out in theaters soon.


Samantha Kuester is a very talented costume designer, but more importantly, she is an amazing person. Everyone that meets Samantha loves her, and I have had the privilege and work with her on many features. We are so excited to see Samantha flourishing in the industry as she is now recognized as one of the top designers in Hollywood.

Since graduating with an MFA in Costume Design from UCLA’s prestigious School of Theater, Film, and Television in 2005, Samantha Kuester has been steadily working as a Costume Designer in the Entertainment Industry. From designing period pieces to contemporary and everything in between, Samantha prides herself on a well-developed and diverse portfolio of work.

Her television credits are Mystery Science Theater 3000, the Return and The Innocent Man for Netflix, The Most Dangerous Animal of All for FX/ Hulu,  and 90’s House for MTV. Samantha’s film portfolio includes Fred 3, Camp Fred, Cardboard Boxer, Unleashed, Babyspitters, Final Kill, and the Female Brain. Additionally, Samantha collaborated with The Killers on their short film and music video for “Caution” of her recent projects.

As a collaborator, Samantha is passionate about bringing a Director’s vision to life by creating realistic and relatable characters through her costumes. Samantha also effectively communicates with other departments to create a cohesive look for the film.

Of her professional attributes, Samantha is above all a team player; she is also organized, budget-conscious, diplomatic, and a problem solver.

Apache Junction


Samantha’s latest project Apache Junction was a fun one to design, she says.

Apache Junction is coming to theaters and available to watch on digital platforms on Sept 24!

What happens at Apache Junction stays at Apache Junction in writer-director Justin Lee‘s new shoot-’em-up Western story.

Watch the trailer below, which stars country legend Trace Adkins as the outlaw Captain Hensley.

Trace Adkins Rules Over a Town of Outlaws in ‘Apache Junction’ Trailer (Exclusive)


She was recently in Hawaii shooting a movie. We can’t wait to hear about that project!

Samantha Kuester

Here is a great article in the Hollywood Reporter that Samantha posted on her FB page

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You can contact Samantha right here on Krewbook or at Costume Designers Guild