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Yesterday's Shooting Location

Yesterday’s Shooting Location

One of our Krew Members is in New York shooting now, and we loved this picture so much that he posted on his social media that it deserves mention. It is on location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Beautiful picture, Vance!

Vance Burberry grew up in Sydney Australia, his passion for light began while working as a stagehand at a theater company in Sydney. He read and re-read the bible of theater lighting, “Stage Lighting design” by Richard Pilbrow. This changed his world. To make a living which was very hard in theater at that time, he started lighting for local rock bands, eventually lighting concert tours for major Australian artists, including Cold Chisel and INXS. During a world tour with INXS in 1984, ending in the US, he was hired to stay and finish the final tour of the Gogos.

After the tour, he worked on several projects until he landed working on a film set one day. This is where he discovered a whole new world of light. He quickly moved up to the Gaffer position in the music video world. At the time, heavy metal bands wanted big concert lighting, which was his background. This soon propelled him to the DP position, allowing him the freedom to design and create the lighting on set.  He shot videos for Guns and Roses, Tesla, Extreme, Alice Cooper, and many more. To this day, his love of light and creating worlds for the camera has never faded.

For Burberry, cinematography is not only a craft but a spiritual journey. He tells us: “For me to tell a story visually requires an emotional connection; I listen to my heart. The light must serve the story, whether it’s a commercial, feature film, or music video. The imagery must connect the audience emotionally to the story being told. I have learned much in 28 years and much before that, allowing me to incorporate theatrical and concert techniques into my work and the cinema approach. I continue to learn more every day; this has given me a deep arsenal of technical know-how, giving me freedom in the creative process, but to work quickly and efficiently to bring the Director’s vision to life within the logistical and budgetary limits of the project. It’s incredibly important to balance the creative aspect with every producer’s challenges; my experience allows me to collaborate and solve many of these problems. I love challenges of all aspects of what I do and cannot imagine doing anything else.”

Vance’s other passion is his love of the underwater world. He has been a diver for 40yrs and an NAUI Instructor trainer for 20yrs. He teaches a professional underwater cinematography course that he wrote and is an official NAUI sanctioned course.
He can bring his land cinematography and lighting skill set to any underwater film project.

New Video out; watch it here!
Velvet Chains’ official music video for “Tattooed” from the album “Icarus,” released on FYPM Music record label.

Director of Photography Videography Vance Burberry.


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